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Aiki service is the flagship product of SourceCard Robotics Limited (RC1282928) which uses many innovative technology to lower the entry level of small businesses for the educated and un-educated skilled Nigerians.

Aiki tries to eradicate hunger and poverty in two phases (Phase 1 : providing jobs , Phase 2 : Innovation in food production and preservation). As a startup  the aiki service is our first step is to aid lowering the entry level of many skilled based jobs (Rural and Urban).

In Nigeria Alone we have over 20 Million(based on data from the Nigerian Bureau of statistics) un-employed skilled people and it is no coincidence that this intersects with high hunger and poverty in the country both in urban and rural communities.

Aiki provides a solution in which a client can request for the service of an aiki partner which offers any of the services on our roster  in REAL-TIME, clients can also book an appointment swell if they so wish not to use the realtime feature. Now with aiki service ,un-employed skilled people can start offering their services to the public without bothering on expensive startup capital.

Another point is that agents are called based on their geolocation to reduce arrival time for services rendered.

The aiki services also helps its partners standardize their tax payment using withholding tax from fees we receive from our partners running their services on our platform as this will also aid the government in providing other amenities to their various communities.

For Example : A cobbler will not require the high cost of starting up a shop ,buy materials to service customers, but instead will only focus on getting his tools ready to work.The cobbler is free to come online to work at will and if not available , he/she can go offline.

The aiki Service is not limited to skill based service but also professional services and emergencies.

We also hope as things develop, we can start our skill acquisition institutions to help those  willing to learn.

We believe we can create solutions in Nigeria instead of wait for the government as we are part of the society, this is our goal at SourCecard Robotic Limited.



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