Air Pollution Control Module

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We believe sustainability is safety and safety is healthy. With the lives of many in mind, the Air Pollution Control Module (APCM) is a cleaner, greener and smarter solution to air contamination, enhancing the way we capture pollutants, for the betterment of 4.6 million children and adults, worldwide. Through extensive research we had found that 30% of global air pollution is caused by vehicular emissions, and, Dubai (our home city) had a bad case of air pollution, within the many busy and prosperous districts. Therefore, we have merged 4 essential filters: The HEPA net
responsible for capturing all solid contaminants greater than 0.2 microns in size, active carbon beds, to adsorb all fluid pollutants, from deadly methane to benzene, catalytic converters, used to filter out the 'silent killer' Carbon monoxide from our air and a peculiar carbon dioxide scrubber
collectively adsorbing, absorbing and engulfing contaminants that have the potential to cause cancers, pulmonary disease and respiratory infections. This roadside filter represented in our model, uses minimal resources and clean energy to function, creating a revolutionary method to purify the air you breathe.

Further more, Our team of 4, have been featured in the Dubai Governmental excellence program (DGEP), within the dubai innovator's avenue, held for the best student innovations across Dubai. We have also exhibited in the GEMS Xhibition, among the brightest of students within GEMS education and their innovations. Moreover, we had first presented this project as a submission to the Global Innovation Challenge, qualifying for the regional rounds, thus highlighting the magnitude and importance of this system that will be the driving force for a cleaner, greener, safer and smarter tomorrow. But most importantly, its is a low cost module built with aluminium and minimal resources. So not only will this solution be the most effecting way to clean up our air, it will also be the most cost effective and worthy solution reflecting our ambitions for sustainability. Sustainability at the cost of millions of lives.

Imagining a simple roadside device within our future city is astonishing. Just imagine a greener city, prosperous and healthy as the APCM purifies its air for the many families this module serves. 



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