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Stray/wild animals are turning into a source of huge loss for farmers: the animals raid fields in large numbers, trample on the crops and devour whatever they find. As forest and grasslands are shrinking, deadly conflict between human and animals are on rise. In India, Data from last three years estimates daily one person has been killed. In developing country like India, physical wire fencing is expensive and out of reach from marginal farmers. No concrete data points available for crop damage by animals Does technology provide some help and in cost effective way? How about technology enabled virtual fencingTechnology areas that we are exploring utilizes Computer Vision, AI , Open Source, cloud based technology and IoT to build cost effective technical solution specific to regional market adoption.Our first focus area is to build virtual fence(utilizing advance technology) which does not harm animals and keep them away from crops.In future other areas where this technology can be extended to help farmers in multiple ways like:
Forecasting their crop yield
Enabling then to reap benefits of modern crop management practices(Smart Agriculture) and resource optimization
Agriculture commodities in India follow a cob web model which is intrinsically backward looking in price prediction. Adoption of AI, image processing and crop management practices can allow farmers to be forward looking in setting commodity prices

These actions will bring convergence between efforts of Government of India in the form of e-NAM, doubling farmers income by 2022 and India’s commitment towards Paris Climate Deal to provide a simple yet realistic technological solution to the problems mentioned above



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