AKAP Climate Resilient Indoor Community

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    A green building is an efficient system on its own. The strategic application and integration of passive and active practices and systems reinvents a way of life. With the sprawl of urban development and people’s need grow and progress, rural living and traditional practices are being left behind.

    AKAP (Asensadong Komunidad, Alay sa Pilipino) is a design concept of a sustainable emergency and training facility that is best suited for the essential needs of the Filipino communities. It encompasses the standard and typical design of emergency facilities in the country by catering to the needs and security of the users in harmony with the sustainability goal of the structure.

    The physical form of AKAP is derived from the design concept of two extending hands in an embrace, symbolizing extending help to the other. The structure is comprised of two structures that is connected to the other through strategic access to provide assistance and utilization to the users but are totally independent to the other.  Its mirrored plans, functions, utilization, and facilities represent equal opportunities and service.

    The form not only represents the mentioned symbolism and representation. It is also carefully calculated to adapt to the fluid dynamics of wind and water, more specific to withstand strong winds and water pressure, and other other unprecedented movements that may pose a threat to the security of the users.

    The design featured strategies that provides access for food, emergency supplies and immediate concerns by land, water and air. This structure is designed to standardize reduction of susceptibility to flood by modernizing the traditional elevated residence and buildings of tropical regions typically visited by floods.

    An innovative dimension on passive and traditional water collection, harvesting and filtering system is embedded with the building's integrated sustainable food production. This take on water filtering system is an enhanced version of traditional and natural process of cleaning water discharges for irrigation and before it is purged out of the development to the community's sewage treatments. It is a multi-tier process that supports increase production of food source, resolve potential of on-site flooding and benefits the neighboring environment. AKAP is a library of sustainable applications to architecture, operations, users' function and resilient lifestyle. It provides communities immediate access to information and training. It is a community and an emergency training facility that exposes people to awareness and more knowledge.



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