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Algalife explores a holistic and sustainable development of new alternative materials which positively affect both the environment and the human skin, creating a major social and environmental impact. It deals with relationships between biology, technology, man and nature, which are all intertwined to bring new sustainable solutions for the textile and fashion industry.


Conventional fabrics productions such as textile dyeing have a huge direct local impact. The use of substances of concern in textile production have negative effects on farmers, factory workers, and the surrounding environment. Some health related hazards are such skin dermatitis, allergic reactions, headaches, congenital malformations and nausea. There has even been reported evidence of kidney, liver and urinary bladder cancers in workers after prolonged exposure to textile dyes. Many other environmental damages are present such gaseous emissions, textile effluent and water pollution, making the water and land unsuitable for drinking and use. Algalife believes that it is time to protect these locals from the health hazards of the textile industry. It is time to protect our skin from the chemicals transferred to our bodies. Algalife aspires to serve as a force for good and create inside out Good Dyes & fibers. 


Algalife solved these issues in a brilliant way, by looking under the sea to find an untapped resource in algae. Algae is a renewable and degradable aquatic organism that can be turned into bio-fiber and environment-friendly dye. 


We believe that it's time to release the power of nature, rethink what a good fabric is. Our Algae bio-based innovation aspires to turn the textile and fashion industry environmental & social problems into positive scalable solutions, by unlocking the power of algae & creating dyes and fibers in a 100% clean process, all in a closed loop system with zero waste manufacturing. In that fashion, we are redesigning the supply chain from a liner to a circular one, thereby contributing to creating a circular economy.


Our algae-based dyes and fibers are not only good for our planet by having a positive environmental footprint than traditional processes but, are also good for our skin and body by releasing anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals that can nourish and protect our body. Thus changing the labor conditions for workers and creating a measurable social impact. 

lets be algeing the future together!

Algalife -  a global force for good.



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