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Between the many researches and definitions we can find about Digital Divide, there is Ernest Wilson III's definition in his book: "an inequality in access, distribution, and use of information and communication technologies between two or more populations", and while we can refer the problem of accessing internet to many reasons, it is unevenly distributed particularly in the low income and non-urbanized communities. It is a form of social stratification that is simultaneously enacted and furthered by an individual’s ability to utilize digital media to render their own self-interest. That is, our access to and use of digital media in part determines our social opportunities but is simultaneously related and determined by forms of social inequality (Ragnedda& Mu, 2013).

In an age, where everyone should go as far as his/her hard work and the exposure to a better life can take him/her; the place where they live or the money they or their parents make shouldn't be an obstacle to reach their best potential. It is a right, not a luxury to be able to apply for a job, book a ride, find a place, pay the bills, or even order pizza in this digital age.

    Alive Solution aims to fulfill this right of unprivileged people with an equal opportunities without holding on their hopes and dreams waiting to use computer or to get an internet access. 

    Digital Signage as a medium, it has been shown to be communication tool, drive revenue, enhance the customer experience, and broaden the ability of businesses to build their brand identity and share their messaging. Because of this, digital signage use has grown exponentially in the last 20 years: the global digital signage revenue is expected to grow from 12$ Billion in 2015 to reach 22$ Billion in 2020, its rapid spread and market growth indicates to its important role in users daily life (see charts).

    Based on the Digital Signage concept, Alive is an idea to: Re-design, develop and manufacture street interactive-screens and to develop an operating software to use the screen publicly and by more than one user at the same time as a computer interface with an internet access.

Alive Goals:

Alive will be striving for the following:

· Achieve part of social equality in any community by providing a tool that bridging the gap between privileged people and the others and between them and their fullest potential.

·   Provide free computer interface and free internet access for all users.

· Make sense of social connectedness and a global community, by using shareable tool and providing an environment enhance talking and sharing ideas.

·  Innovation in the financial sector by providing digital payment platform.

· Help governments to promote the inclusion of the disadvantaged groups and have clear sight on them and their needs.

· Promote tourism by providing easy-to-use and reachable tool for tourists.

·  Boost efficiency in economy by online selling, Video Ads and availability of seeing ads and websites without clicking or searching.

The Company

Alive will be located in Africa the highest continent in Digital Divide Percentage with only 21.8% internet users of its population (see attachment), with a vision and goals to expand regionally and globally and to export an adjustable products: Based on languages, Education level, Educational purposes,… etc.. The company is responsible of manufacturing the hardware, developing the operating system software and the managing server software.

a- As a System:

In every city, there will be a company branch which will let users register their information there to get an access to the screen using a user name and password. This mechanism will guarantee a part of the whole security system and will guarantee that the users are from the allowed range.

b-User Segment:

Age:12-18: access to limited options OR 19-95: full access

Gender: Male/ Female

Level of Education: Finished Elementary school or equivalent.

Social or Economic Status: It is free and open for all.

c-The Hardware:

Develop and redesign the typical interactive screens to fit the users' needs and the project goals. The screen is double faced and its size is 85" diagonally and can equip up to three users standing next to each other for each side. These specifications is adaptable according to users' needs. The screens will be distributed evenly in the most needed areas or in the whole city. Every screen will get its electrical and (LAN or high-speed broadband) connection from city's infrastructure network. Although each screen run as separated computer, all screens in the city and across the reached range will be connected, managed, and filtered with one managing department.

d- Operating Software:

The user interface will use multi-touch gestures such as swipe, tap, pinch, and reverse pinch, and control elements consist of sliders, switches, and buttons. This interaction will allow users even with low level of education to use the screen effectively.

e-The screen Interface

Each unit of the screen: which is used by one person will allow him to:

-Search, write, send and receive information using his/her username and password.

-Buy, sell or advertise products.

-Get transportation information and book rides.

-Get Healthcare information and book.

-Wayfinding on cities maps.

-In Educational Institutions: use it to enhance and facilitate the learning process

-Order food or get information in the food and restaurant sector.

- Get events information. 
-Entertainment tool.



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