All Year Round Fish And Crops

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Hello everyone, before I begin I would like to thank God for helping me to come up with the challenge solution. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank His Highness sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid and all His partners for taking this initiative to improve the lives of humanity. This time, I would like to take up the challenge of Rural Transformation and Zero Hunger. I designed a 50 feet in height structure, with the size of 32’X16’X4’ for the fish tank then below is 32’X16’X2’ for the plants. Same area on the next floor below. On the ground level, I Installed a hydro wheel and an Impeller to pump up the water back to the water tank above to make a water cycle. This method might look like an aquaponic, but the difference is, I used soil above the gravel and I put earthworms in between. No need to water the plants everyday, it is present in the gravel level. You just add water on the tank below after the harvest time. The system will produce fish and crops all year round and no need for fertilizer, because worm waste and fish waste are already present in the system . You can plant rice, wheat, vegetables etc. You can also raise any variety of fresh water fish of your choice. By this system, there will be no more hunger, and there will be a business opportunity. See youtube link for further information.



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