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Allyus will provide society with the ability to see what the population thinks in real time instead of relying on mainstream media and propaganda for their information. Imagine being able to know how many people in your neighbourhood support a law that is being passed - and having all the demographic data (Race, Religion, Gender, Age etc.) on those people while maintaining their anonymity. 

We also connect the issue with the politician in charge of the decision which allows them to communicate with their voting district - the people that matter most to politicians. 

Allowing society to see what their fellow citizens think in real time can give humanity the potential to be responsible for the policy decisions that affect their lives. I am not building a direct democracy system but only giving weight to voice of the average citizen. Think of it like another form of Checks and Balances. 

In a world full of conflict and polarization it is time that Politics had a network of its own. On Facebook or Twitter the organic reach of politicians with thousands of followers is often only 2-4% which prevents them from getting their message out or forcing them to pay thousands for ads. They also do not promote discussion because the politicians want to communicate with their voters not with random trolls that come from outside of their voting area. We also use Civic, a Blockchain verification system to make sure our users are real people and not bots. 

Allyus solves these problems and empowers the world to take a step forward in terms of communication. Democracy needs technological advancement and platform that prioritizes political issues above entertainment and family pictures. 

In a world where the term "civil war" and "World War 3" are becoming heard in the West more and more everyday its time that people had a say in their future and Allyus can be the vehicle that empowers them to make the world a better place. 



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