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Almond's ultimate goal is to empower 100 million people around the world to become carbon neutral within the next decade. We believe that individuals can often feel overwhelmed about how best to make change in their lives in order to tackle the climate crisis, and what the most effective things to do are. We are tackling the climate crisis through changing consumption patterns but also by addressing the mental health issues that have begun to emerge with people feeling helpless and confused about what to do in this area.

We are aiming to break down the issue into manageable steps and show our users that they can make a difference. A central area that we are focusing on is consumption practices across our entire lifestyle from food to travel, fashion to direct energy use. We want to show that transitioning to the consumption of goods that are produced in a more responsible and sustainable manner really can make a large impact on your carbon footprint.

Our solution is a free app that empowers anyone to become carbon balanced, focussing on three key pillars: 'Buy Better, Act Better & Offset the Rest'. To help people 'Buy Better' we are building one of the most comprehensive ethical brand directories showcasing best-in-class products and services. We have developed an impact badge system that highlights positive social and environmental values that help consumers cut through the greenwashing and discover truly sustainable, low-impact brands. For 'Act Better' we have partnered with the WWF and Stockholm Environment Institute and developed a chatbot that quickly enables users to calculate their lifestyle carbon footprint in 2 minutes. Data collected then allows us to show users the most impactful lifestyle changes they can make to reduce their emissions. Gamification via points and levels further engages.In 'Offset the Rest' users can connect their bank cards (Visa/Mastercard/Amex) and then when these cards are used to buy from our responsible brand partners they automatically earn 'Offset Rewards' comprising of trees planted and rainforest protected. There will also be an option to directly offset higher ticket items such as flights. Cross-referencing the lifestyle footprint data enables us to show users a personal progress bar to Net-Zero.



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