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At Aloe Ecell, we have created the world's first 100% Eco-friendly and Non-hazardous 1.5V AA sized batteries using ALOE VERA which can be used a replacement for the existing hazardous dry cell batteries of remote controls. clocks, toys, etc at 10% Cheaper cost and 1.5X more Durability.


  • 97% of the materials used in the batteries are imported from different countries like the USA, China, etc that levies a high pressure of 149B USD on the Indian Economy.
  • .Batteries are removed when only 70-80% of its energy is used i.e. 20-30% of its energy is left which increases the chances of explosion because they end up in the landfills and when dumped in large numbers, they form a complete circuit causing serious explosion resulting in pollution and diseases.
  • Batteries are classified as domestic hazardous waste(which has already been brimming the landfills)but no collection management is available as a result we all throw them into our household dustbins from where they end up into the already brimming landfills where toxic materials and heavy metals leak into the ground causing soil, water & air pollution. with every household on an average using more than 10-12 batteries a year, every year more than 11M tonnes of batteries are discarded.
  • India generates 2 Million Metric tonnes of waste every year. accounting to 82% of E-Waste as reported by ‘India Today’. In India, chronic kidney disease is the seventh leading cause of death with over 100,000 patients. Around 10 lakh patients of liver cirrhosis are newly diagnosed every year in India which is caused by these batteries.
  • The Materials/Chemicals used in these batteries are perilous as they cause following harms to the humans-

ACID-Respiratory problems, corrosive to eyes and skin

CADMIUM-Carcinogen affects the liver, respiratory tract, kidney and also soften bones.

CHROMIUM-Damages liver and kidneys. Lung cancer and Bronchial Maladies.

LEAD-Kidney and reproductive system. Mental retardation in children. Extremely fatal.

MERCURY-Central Nervous System, liver, Immune and kidneys and lungs.


Created eco-friendly and non-hazardous 1.5V AA and AAA batteries using ALOE VERA

  • World’s first 100% eco-friendly battery.

  • World’s first non-hazardous battery.

  • Battery using Aloe Vera-provides agricultural and natural benefits.

  • Cheapest raw material available for a battery
    So cost-cutting in production.

  • 100 % Made In India battery
    so boon to Indian Economy.

  • No hazardous chemicals like Nickel, Cadmium, Chromium, Alkali, etc are used.

  • No explosive material like Potassium Hydroxide is present in the cell which makes it safe for human use.

  • It contains clean and green aloe vera
    so disposal and health advantage.

  • World’s first 100% herbal battery
    so no health hazard.

  • Easily bio-degradable battery
    so disposal advantage. No hazard of pollution and landfills.

  • Uses Aloe Vera which is grown by the farmers providing financial benefits to them. As growing aloe is highly beneficial to them as the production cost is very less and it can be harvested four times a year.

  • Aloe Vera shows better durability.

  • leak proof internal design.


Pressure levied on Indian Economy can be decreased up to 78% saving approximately 109 Billion Dollars annually which is wasted in importing raw materials from different countries.2.Source of income for farmers growing Aloe Vera as 2 acres of land can yield a profit of 8400 USD per harvest.3.71.6% Reduction in environmental pollution caused due to usage of batteries(*battery University).4.97% Reduction in Disease statistics caused due to usage of dry cell batteries.5.89% reduction in usage of zinc used in batteries.6.Proper R & D can help us create mobile batteries leading to 70% removal of lithium ion batteries accounting to Clean, Green and Safe rechargeable batteries.



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