Alternating-Current Lithium-ion Battery by "Biode"

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The battery demands for EVs, drones, Electric Airplanes (EAs) and more have been significantly increasing. According to Markets and Markets (US), the world market cap for mobility batteries is estimated to be 17 billion USD in 2021, its CAGR from 2016 to 2021 is 4.2%. However, the battery capacity is insufficient yet, its mobility range should be longer, as we as there is a safety issue. Although people expect commercialization of the all-solid-state batteries, its realization still needs years. In addition to increase battery capacity by inventing new materials takes years as well

The battery electricity source is only DC; thus, we need to convert every time from AC to DC at charging, then do so from DC to AC again for AC motors. Therefore, we have been wondering how to optimize the two-time conversions. After our 25-year experience and 5-year researches, we have developed the first-ever AC battery (patents-pending).

We have a “common sense” that the battery electricity source is always DC since Volta developed a primary battery in 1800. It is true that it makes sense to use DC batteries when it comes to lower electricity such as lights, radios, smartphones etc. The most battery usages nowadays are, however, becoming heavier, such as EVs, drones, EAs and more. In this case, AC batteries are more efficient and easier to control than the conventional DC batteries.

We have the following 5 advantages: 

1)    Battery capacity is up to 8 times, more efficient:

We can increase battery capacity up to 8 times from the conventional DC battery. In addition to anode and cathode, we develop Biode, which has the both characteristics. Conventionally, lots of batteries are set in series to achieve higher voltages, this does not, however, contribute to the battery capacity. By changing lots of serials to parallel structures, it increases the capacity of the entire system. For instance, if there are 90 serials, the capacity of the structure of 30 serials x 3 parallel will increase 3 times. Although the Biode CAPEX will increase 20% from the current system, the increases capacity will be paid it back shortly.

2) Very simple. Use the existing materials/production lines:

We will utilize all the existing materials and production lines of batteries and circuits. The production cost of Biode is same as that of anode, manufactured by the existing roll-to-roll production way. 

3) Safer than the conventional Li-ion batteries:

Voltage within the battery cells is divided by Biode, leading safer operations. For example, while there is 4V between anode and cathode within the conventional Li-ion battery, Biode can divide the voltage into 2V each and at the same time increase the battery capacity. Even organic electrolytic liquid does not burn under 3V.

4) The world’s first-ever AC Battery:

As far as we have checked, no one else in the world has made AC batteries by the idea.

5) Very quick, in one year to start trials:

We plan to start trials for commercialization in 1 year after seed-fund raise of 500K USD.



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