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I had developed an alternative fuel that can be used to run diesel fueled engine using R HHO or Reformed HHO gas derived from water electrolysis. The electrolysis process use very low power compared to conventional system. It is widely known that HHO gas or Brown's gas is highly flammable and could not run gasoline or diesel engines if unblended with hydrocarbon fuel. Through my technology of reforming that Brown's gas or HHO gas, it is no longer flammable in ordinary spark which makes it suited to compression ignited internal combustion engine. Diesel engines using this R HHO fuel gives more than 4 times energy compared to diesel fuel or even higher than diatomic hydrogen or H2 gas. R HHO gas is also compressible up to 200 bar pressure which is suited to diesel engines which require fuel to be compressed before feeding to the combustion chamber There could be minor modification in the standard diesel engines. The system is operated with water vapor exhaust recirculation to reduce water usage. Engines run by this fuel results to cheaper electric power generation. If used as fuel, there will be more savings in fuel cost and considerably reduce toxic engine exhaust emmision resulting to a cleaner environment. 

The technology has been expanded for use in all internal combustion engines either spark ignited or compression ignited.

Could be used even without blending of hydrocarbon fuel. The RHHO gas produced can be used and handled safely compared to pure hydrogen gas or unreformed HHO gas.

Patent application had been filed this 29th of January at the IPOPHIL with revised title " WATER BASED (RHHO GAS) ALTERNATIVE FUEL FOR INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINE."



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