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ALTERNATIVES  is a business incubator & accelerator program . It offers mentoring, assistance, and education to young entrepreneurs, and small business for-profit with low income, in Cap-Haitian and the surrounding cities. It’s a three months program. Each three months we will train forty young entrepreneurs but to begin the testing pilot we did train twenty young entrepreneurs. For every cohort we will organize a pitch competition. Alternatives helps entrepreneurs, to transform their business ideas in a real business,from startup phase to expansion or maturity phase.

Alternatives prepares the startup to become valuable in the eyes of clients and investors. It offers an environment of collaboration and business education. This enables the startups to share a space, as well as have access to a multitude of resources. Alternatives provides mentorship from experimented entrepreneurs and business experts. After succeed the incubation program, they will join Acces Jeunes community, an environment allowing them to keep growing with their business.

Alternatives will take in consideration the experience of Jacquelin Alcius with the iLab of UVA and CIC (Community Investment Collaborative) at Charlottesville. This fellowship will allow Jacquelin Alcius, the founder, to apply the lessons learned in US, improve the approach, and use appropriated tools and strategies to increase the impact.Why Alternatives? The unemployment rate is more than 60% about four million people without a job. According to the last research of the government in the business field:

90% enterprises are out of category, it means they are not small, medium or big businesses.

The study continues to show the majority of them have 1500 us dollars as sales revenue.

96% are individual ownership

77, 04% of them do not respect any classic or legal norms.

Face to this situation of lack of business culture, we commit as first entrepreneurship club to bring out solutions with this program.

After a deep study and analysis the team of Alternatives Business Incubator & Accelerator decided to begin the testing pilot with the members of ACCES JEUNES. Alternatives’ impact should start inside of our community.


Develop entrepreneurs and leaders with innovative and social solutions capable to create wealth and build sustainable businesses in the community.


   GOALS: Develop directly 160 world class entrepreneurs and leaders and reach 410 organizations and universities per year through our main program.

Help them to transform their business ideas into real businesses and from startup phase to expansion or maturity.

Alternatives aims to develop the entrepreneurial capacity of Cap-Haitian and the surrounding Cities.


The benefits:

Jobs creation (about 100 per session)

  Emergence of 150 new entrepreneurs each year

  Creation of standard enterprises: legal status, website, access to capital, networking, market facility, strategies, tools and methodology for growth.

  Articles on our newspaper and good presence on the social medias

  Economic growth and wealth creation, particularly among SMEs which will enhance the Government’s tax revenues.

Ø  Reducing unemployment rate and poverty in our community.

Ø  Technical support will continue after the program in case of need.

Ø  Co-working space to work on their business ideas




   Our target people are those who have difficulty accessing financing from traditional systems and/or seek educational support for their businesses and are young people between the ages of 18 and 35 without neglecting older people.

  Those who have a feasible business idea and want to turn it into a real business in the marketplace.

 40 direct beneficiaries each session and 410 organizations include the universities of the region as indirect beneficiaries.


 Alternatives will measure success by the:

1. Successful businesses the program supports: number of entrepreneurs developing each year, enduring startups, increase in revenues

2. Meaningful jobs created as a result of business expansion

3. Positive social impact in the community through feelings of empowerment

4. Increased self-confidence and feelings of encouragement for the children of successful


5. Stronger community integration around the shared experience of entrepreneurship




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