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The issue of humanitarian aid is not something easy because each sovereign state has it’s own internal problem which it needs to address, be it political, social or economical. Most of these internal problems require finance and most of the time States adopt the concept of opportunity cost just as it applies to individuals.

The concept of rendering assistance to external and also internal bodies is not something that is anticipated so there is no provision for that most of the time as it comes as unforeseen circumstances.

But, however, it is imperative and expedient that such assistance be rendered to affected populace as it is not something that can be ignored. We are all humans and cannot afford to fold our arms and watch our fellow brothers and sisters been devoured by the misfortune of war and violence.

Ideally all sovereign states ought to belong to one or other forms of confederations or unity of states so as to get easy access to such aid when the need arises. States in a region should create a voluntary treasury account that will be credited periodically for the purpose of addressing such issue when they arise.

Each State pending on its size and economic power has vast mass of land that is underutilized, let such spaces be used for the restructuring and rehabilitation of displaced people. If the affected State with such populace do not have the land mass to facilitate this generosity neighboring states can render such assistance, it is just a token of kind heartedness we can offer to each other. In order not to jeopardize the integrity and sovereignty of a state terms and condition of the existence of such entity can be outlined and documented that it is to operate on a subsidiary platform answerable to the union of States or an individual State that is responsible for it’s existence.

To ensure peace, justice, safety and well being in such formulated entity a standard form of legislative, executive and judicial systems be deployed with agents deployed from each of these arms from already established individual or collective union of States that contributed to the formation of such entity to delegate personnel and employ out of the displaced to master the conduct of operation in such arms and with time after been fully prepared be allowed to continue running the entity.

For economic and social existence in such entity provision for agriculture and industry need to be promoted and established so as to provide employment and subsistence, also, other forms of infrastructure should be provided to empower the populace like schools, medical care, roads etc.

To enhance security, instruments of coercion be imposed which is also part of the executive function outlined earlier on but much emphasis should be laid on this so as to ensure the smooth and proper function of such entity.



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