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Amuka Justice Innovation Programme puts existing justice data to work and uses it as a foundation to develop solutions and strengthen the justice system as a whole. The design is based on collaboration: Am constantly informed by what I have learned from the users of the justice system and for every outcome we will work closely with Mohammed Bin Rashid Initiative for Global Prosperity, Experts and entrepreneurs that deliver justice solutions. Amuka Justice Innovation will have four main executing components: (1). Data - to - Action. Here we will build transparency ( people can know), and accountability ( people can act ) through an interactive justice Dashboard that will be available through a web platform and an app. Moreover, we will develop concert tools for improvement: (a) Action plans for three of the most pressing justice problems: a review in details how the system works, user - stories and terms of reference for optimizing the system, and designs for resolution processes: and (b) a Treatment Guideline for refugees Justice: best practices combined with evidence about what works, providing a more standardized, higher quality way of treating the problems. Finally we will conduct a follow - up justice needs and satisfaction (JNS) survey, building on the baseline which will be established. This will show trends and inform the actors in the justice about priorities, improvements, or lack of improvements. (1). Justice Leadership. We will help develop the new kind of leadership that is connected with the methods we use. A leadership that puts the users of the justice systems at its heart and that connects, bridges and drives towards constant improvement, based on Our data. Leadership dialogues will be held between justice leaders and members of the justice leadership Group. Moreover, a documentary will be produced that will highlight stories that inspire refugees and empower them to claim their rights and hold duty - bearers in the justice system accountable. (3). Innovation Challenges. The data and the action plans will reveal bottlenecks for access to justice. We will turn these into challenges for innovators: Entrepreneurs, lawyers, judges or civil society organizations will be challenged to provide innovative solutions. We will run a start - up accelerate programme and a scaling proven innovative programme to nurture and scale the most promising ideas and solutions. Through these programmes, we aim to train at least 61 promising justice entrepreneurs, solving justice needs around refugees camps, land, family, employment or crime, and connect these to mentors to help them grow their ideas into impact full ventures. (4). Governance, Coordination and Evaluation. The management of Amuka Justice Innovation will combine specialized expertise with effective overall coordination. It will include a local presence with three staff members ( Programme's manager, office manager and business development manager) to help coordinate the different programme components, lead on the ground logistics and administration, inform and involve the various stakeholders in our activities and progress and take care of any local or international outreach. 



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