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What if a seed could impact billions of lives for good?

During the last century, there have been extraordinary technological advances that have boosted agriculture output including nitrogen synthesis, agrochemicals and plant genetic modification.

Several factors are affecting farmers from all around the world. Climate change, regulatory matters, consumer behaviour and a growing population are some of the complex challenges farmers have to face daily, negatively impacting their and also consumers’ lives.

Climate change is affecting farm yields up to the point that today we are losing arable land globally due to salinization and desertification. Warmer and dryer years, together with an increase on water salts content, are some of the most important factors that explain the negative impact of climate change on agriculture.

Poor countries are the most vulnerable to these negative effects on agriculture, as they commonly lack the resources to tackle these challenges by incorporating new technologies.

Andes is building the foundation for the next big revolution that will enhance agriculture productivity globally, directly tackling today’s problems. By combining Microbial Technology and Artificial Intelligence, Andes develops novel seeds that increase farmers’ yields for feeding a growing population, while reducing their input costs and environmental footprint.

Microbial technology refers to the use of beneficial, natural microorganisms that in correct combination with plants, can positively affect crop development and performance. Some of the traits that microbial technology can bring are a reduction of synthetic nitrogen and phosphate plant dependence, tolerance of environmental stress factors (such as high temperatures, high amount of minerals and droughts), induce natural resistance to pests and pathogens, and extend seed and plant shelf life.

With proprietary microorganism consortia and seed treatment technologies, Andes has achieved what was once thought as impossible: seeds with robust microbial technology, stable through time and compatible with all sorts of soil. Andes’ seeds will enable farmers from all around the world to grow their crops at their potential even under stressful environmental conditions.

Andes’ seeds will also catalyze rapid and massive adoption as farmers no longer must change their business models nor processes to benefit from this revolutionary technology. As the microbial technology is stable with the seed over time, access to Andes seeds will be easy for farmers everywhere.

At Andes, we believe a seed can impact billions of lives globally. Farmers will increase their yields and even perform agriculture where today, due to the climate, it isn't possible, while at the same time lowering their greenhouse effect by reducing their inputs.



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