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Our solution is to bring refrigeration to everyone around the world especially in countries and rural areas where people otherwise wouldn't have access to power and/or refrigeration.  Additionally, the device could be used to for recreational purposes (beach camping hiking etc.). 

Every year people from all over the world experience power outages from heat and natural disasters. According to Independent US News and CBS News , $306 billion dollars were spent in 2017 on Natural Disasters in America. Much of that money went to food and vital medical supplies. At SST. Technologies-LLC, we believe something as unique as our solar powered, portable refrigerator and freezer can bring down these costs. Organizations and government entities throughout the world always have trouble keeping vaccines and food at the desired temperature to aid those in critical need. It's vital that vaccines maintain a specific temperature to ensure its full effects. Our team is committed to solving this problem and making refrigeration available to all through the Anywhere Fridge. Equity crowdfunding is the next step in bringing this product to mass production and onto the market. 



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