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Apollo Agriculture targets the more than 50 million smallholder farmers across sub-Saharan Africa who rely on agriculture as their main source of income but cannot invest in their productivity due to a lack of access to credit. Without credit, farmers cannot afford the high cost of quality inputs proven to increase yields and incomes. Approaches to financing these farmers have historically relied on humans and manual processes, making scale slow and costly. As a result, less than 10% of smallholder farmers globally are met by current financial services.

Apollo’s automated, digital operations allow us to deliver the tools farmers need to increase their yields and incomes in an inexpensive and highly scalable way. We leverage satellite data, machine learning, and automated operations to reduce the cost and complexity of smallholder lending. This allows us to deliver proven products high quality inputs, insurance, and agronomic advice in a low-cost, scalable, and commercially viable way.



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