App for E-waste: Tidy

About Solution

Using the Tidy app the users are able to upload the pictures of solid/E-waste that are to be recycled and the recycling industries buy them through the app, thus establishing an end to end seller-buyer relation.Tidy app is effective and efficient also being easily scalable:

  • Time Saving
    No need to spend time going to search for solid recyclablewaste, our platform will display different types of waste
  • Cost Saving
    Save transport, fuel and advertisement costs that incurred in searching for solid recyclable waste
  • High Quality
    Get sorted to meet to your recycling targets
  • Reliability
    Connect with households in time and promptly
  • Convenient method of payment and environmental transaction
    Tips given in waste handling tips to ensure that your transaction go smoothly

Our solution opens a market to convert trash to cash, while treasuring the planet.



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