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Approximately 1.3 billion tonnes which is roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year, is wasted. Major sources of food waste are restaurants, hotels, canteens, cafeterias and shopping malls. They are wasted in the form of leftover food, vegetable refuse, stale cooked and uncooked food, meat, teabags, extracted tea powder, milk products etc. This food waste, when not disposed properly causes air pollution, land pollution and water pollution.

Food waste is biodegradable
it can be composted and anaerobically digested. Only 8.7% of food waste is recycled. Food waste mobilization is a food waste managing facility that aims to manage this food waste in 2 ways
(1) distribute the edible leftover to the needy, (2) supply the other residuals to the energy conversion plants. The motive is to not let this waste enter the bins and contaminate with other kind of waste and to directly supply it to the destinations with the help of an app. The restaurateurs or people in charge of food waste at the source, can enter the details of the pickup location, we collect it, examine it, segregate it and distribute it to suitable plants. It is a simple method which would help a lot of food waste not ending up in landfills and polluting the air, land and water. It is also converted to useful energy.



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