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The OUTREACH TRADERS is implementing a Project to enhance innovation, adaption and adoption of Agritech such as Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), and associated Decision Support System in agricultural for precise application of agronomic inputs (water, pesticides and fertilizers) and scouting of farms for plant and soil health, for progressive rice production in Magugu area, Tanzania. In effect it is envisaged to increase effectiveness of the inputs, reduce negative impact of inputs on the environment, and redirect farmers’ labour time to learning, application of on and off-farm information in decision making. Either it is envisioned to deploy the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to apply, directly
aerially, some of inputs, pesticides or fertilizers thus increase the effectiveness of the inputs and human resource.

The Project is intended to foster progressiveness and livelihood in rice farming through six strategies  for:

  1. Farmers to participate in marketing of value added rice;
  2. Farmers to operate financial instruments, including Saving and Credit Cooperative Society (SACCOS) at all levels;
  3. Farmers re-education to take advantage of ICT;
  4. Farmers to access decision support to innovate, adapt and adopt technologies as opportunities emerge and generate on-farm data;
  5. Farmers to be guided to implement standardized practices; and
  6. Enforcement of Standardized Farm practices, to ensure proactivity and progressiveness.
  7. In the process the farmers will be able to acquire skills for enabling them to adopt new technologies early. Such technologies include use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), else known as drones, for  scouting farms and also for undertaking interventions like application of fertilizers, pesticides and control of bird pests, thus releasing more time to farmers to engage in learning, decision making, marketing and; leaving children to attend school as required. Thus the UAS will bring Magugu rice production of Magugu’s aromatic rice and associated livelihood to progressive standards, and impact on rice production elsewhere, and also impact on other crops; and development undertakings. 



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