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Our vision is to to provide the ultimate fish experience for everyone. We believe that Aquacubes is the solution for the big problems we are facing at the moment. We know that more than 90% of the fisheries are overexploited, and microplastics in oceans could also be found in the fish we eat affecting our health. Most fish from aquaculture rely on fishmeal and are contaminated by chemicals and antibiotics. With us, no fishmeal and fish oil are used to feed the fish, instead we use plant proteins and algae as substitutes.Using the slogan "Fresh fish
grown by yourself“, Aquacube offers an innovative compact module enabling everyone to produce their own fresh fish. The highly automated compact system ensures intuitive operation without prior knowledge. Aquacube maintains the best water quality for fish at all times and relies on our unique filter system for recirculating water, thus reducing water consumption drastically.Our goal is to make everyone a fish farmer and secure a sustainable future, especially in cities. Urban gardening trend is growing fast and Aquacube is riding this wave to provide fish for everyone using a small footprint. For example, in Germany ca. 14 kg of fish per capita is consumed. Almost 80% of these are imported. Using a single Aquacubes, a family can produce up to 80 kg of fish per year. Fish produced in Aquacubes are completely traceable, and avoid long distance hauling as well as freezing and storage of fish within the supply chain. Aquacubes enables us to grow our own sustainable healthy fish and take responsibility for ourselves and our children. Let’s be the change we want and avoid environmental externalities.



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