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AQUAGREEN aims to inspire water drinking without the use of plastic bottles which ends up choking our gutters, landfills, the sea and eventually damaging our climate.
My organizations is working to reduce the impact of plastic waste in Ghana through the deployment of our Mobile Water Dispensers, offering patrons their choice of purified mineral water for indoor and outdoor programs/events.
Our collaboration allows eco-conscious individuals and organization offer regular purified drinking water of their choice, through our mobile water dispensers during all organized events/programs. We are able to deploy for all event types, whether event is internal or external, requiring provision of water refreshments to invited guests.
We also deploy smart water ATMs mapped on an App called Tap. Tap is a mobile App that allows users to find nearby places to refill their reusable water bottles on the go. Tap refill network is built on partnerships with eco-conscious businesses that refill people`s reusable water bottles in an effort to eliminate single-use plastic waste.
At the maiden Ghana Climate Innovation Centre (GCIC) GreenRun, which took place in Accra on December 7, 2019, AQUAGREEN provided water to the hundreds of registered participants in the race.
We set up water stations along the routes of the GreenRun, rehydrating participants throughout the race without a single plastic bottle used!
AQUAGREEN has also provided water dispensing service to private events, including parties and other social events.



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