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Since its launch in July 2018, AquaGreens Namibia has engaged, educated and inspired individuals, communities and various organizations and institutions about sustainable food production. We envision more people to sustainably produce fresh fish, vegetables, salad greens, herbs and flowers in cities using aquaponics and hydroponics and to ensure food security both on household and national level.AquaGreens Namibia has made significant progress in its activities by providing technical support in the development of commercially viable enterprises and encouraging innovations in design, manufacturing and distribution of urban farming systems.AquaGreens Namibia serves as a resource and knowledge hub for the agriculture sector; with a particular focus on helping local farmers shift from outdated, traditional farming methods to precision and more sustainable farming methods. We rolled out our first Aquaponics Fundamentals Course in May 2018 and it was a resounding success.Increasingly sharing information, knowledge and skills about the urban farming industry is critical to realizing our goal of tackling hunger and food impurities. We deem aquaponics and hydroponics as local responses that encourage the adaptation to climate resilient and climate smart agriculture in order to make healthy, pure and safe fresh produce available to local communities. We aim to bring our produce much closer to the end user by setting up an urban farm on recently allocated urban land (3000 sqm) within the cold
and desert-climate town of Walvis Bay, Namibia. This setup will boost our ambitionsto encourage sustainability in schools and local communities by promoting green and clean technologies. We have also had a short-lived partnership with the local UNWFP (Namibia), where wewere roped in to provide technical support to the WFP hydroponics unit and social enterprise development and capacity building to the beneficiaries of school-feeding program and community hydroponic gardens. And with our collaborations with the University of Namibia, AquaGreens Namibia will become a leading “green” entity which mobilizes the skills and dedication of our generation to ensure that urban, smart and sustainable agriculture is equipped to prosper now and in the future.Aquaponics is the next big thing, not only in farming and agriculture, but also in the way we transform and design our civilization. It is an essential concept aiming to restore the connections between the environment, its resources and food production.



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