Aquaponics Organic Greenhouse

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We are a social enterprise with a dual mission of combating the effects of climate change and providing employment for most vulnerable people in rural communities starting from Nigeria. Persistent drought and flooding, off season rains have sent growing seasons out of the orbit, a country dependent on rain fed agriculture. We are providing a solution that harnesses the build up of waste inherent in aquaculture and hydroponics system. Our solution uses as little as 2% of water used in conventional farming and can be used to maximize crop production up to 50% in hydroponics alone. It has the capacity to produce all year round combating the problem of malnutrition due to high costs of off season produce.

To reach out to those severely affected, we shall be micro-franchising our business to local community entrepreneurs especially to the females. We have done our swot analysis and market research and reach out to partners who will assist us to scale to a wider populace.



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