Aquares, water saving solution

About Solution

The main objective of the proposed solution is to relieve the rainwater system during intense rainfall. In addition, the proposed solution:

Allows the production of electricity for external lighting of buildings or squares,

Introduces a green element in the city, positively affects the local urban microclimate during hot weather.

The system is controlled by the appropriate computer program. Based on meteorological forecasts, and actual measurements shall determine the optimum retention volume necessary for the expected atmospheric precipitation, activates the irrigation processes of vegetation during the drought and purification of water on plant deposits, launches the process of generating electricity on the green.

The principle of operation of the proposed solution is based on the following process: During the rain water flowing from the roof is collected in a masked vertical tank placed on the building's blind wall. The vertical tank consists of a series of tanks on each shelf of the supporting structure. The individual tanks are filled with cascade one after another. The entire exterior design is shielded by a shield plate existing facade of the building.



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