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AquaVega is a highly sustainable method of Agriculture based on Aquaponics. Aquaponics is the most wonderful thing because of the possibilities and technology. With the help of this method we can grow crops in any places in the world old warehouses, or where the soil is depleted. It is well known that food production takes center stage when discussing ways to become not only more environmentally responsible but also when promoting healthy eating. The pressure on our planet to supply finite resources to rapidly expanding cities is complicated by climate change and is an immediate threat to the way we live and work. The United Nations reports says that the world’s population will grow to 8.5 billion by 2030 That mean that we need more than 60 percent food. Looking beyond 2030, the World Economic Forum said that the global population will grow to 9.8 billion people by 2050, requiring a staggering 70 percent more food than is consumed today. This is very serious issue. We need to be prepared to these challenges. To do that we need new technology based on new principles in AgTech. Many of people thinks that hydroponics can be a solution for that. But unfortunately, hydroponics have many problems.

By using only natural methods you underline that aquaponics can be only organic because you can’t cheat. If you cheat, system will collapse. With no further explaining why this technology is so good I want to say more about project itself. We believe that our project is the future of agro farming. Its already proven that this method is the most reliable way to grow only healthy crops, 100% organic. Our special 5th generation greenhouse can be built anywhere in the world. We don’t need soil. We don`t need water so much. We can grow crops in desert climate or winter climate. This is technology for the 21 century. We can grow food even in urban areas not far from markets so people could get the most from the product. We don’t have waste problems and do not make environment problems. Everything stays in the system.



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