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A strong economy and an entrepreneurial-friendly ecosystem are prime factors for entrepreneurship. More developed economies have a larger number of large companies that supply the market satisfactorily, in addition to generating more opportunities for salaried work.

Entrepreneurship is directly responsible for producing the wealth of a country. However, entrepreneurial attitudes can also produce social well-being by providing solutions to many ills. Entrepreneurship is an important lever for global advancement in many areas for one simple reason: it constantly seeks to provide solutions to the problems facing society.

For example, a small market offers healthy food, helping people to have access to adequate food.

There is also entrepreneurship out of necessity. In these cases, there are individuals who, because they do not have the skills that the labor market demands and because they are in a shrinking economy; entrepreneurship by necessity. To survive.

When we ask ourselves how to transform society through entrepreneurship and innovation and thus achieve social, environmental and economic sustainability, we open a range of alternatives, solutions and words that help us write this recipe as a complex. To undertake, in a country that imposes on us a framework of rules, laws and obstacles, is no task for anyone. Many give up on the way, frustrated with unsuccessful attempts or unsuccessful experiences from colleagues, friends or relatives.

The basis of entrepreneurial work is social capital, which consists of leveraging actions and projects that contribute to the improvement of relations between organizations and society. The innovations proposed by the entrepreneurs are based on the yearnings and needs that the society in which it is currently anchored. Citizens' groups start to work with more articulation and with true social participation in different public spheres. Why, through education and entrepreneurship we can solve all problems.

But there are differences to be made in highly developed places and other neediest places. There are many challenges to starting a business and in some places the challenges are even greater.

Due to the crisis that Brazil has been facing since the middle of 2014, we realize that unemployment has increased, generating economic and social instability. With this, people have been looking for income options, and often, due to lack of choice, resolve to work autonomously or even open their own businesses. There has been a change in the society in which many businesses arise without planning, as the fruit of a specific need.

Undertake in first world countries is totally different to undertake in developing countries. In these places, everything becomes an even greater challenge. Knowing how important entrepreneurship is for social development. We want nothing more, nothing less, to facilitate entrepreneurship in these places through more efficient payment tools. But how to do this?

We will achieve this through the Areus ecosystem. Areus is a payment ecosystem composed of an application for customers, an application for retailers and a cryptomoeda. It is similar to the card payment ecosystem, however, without card, without POS machine, with lower rates and where part of the value of the purchase and returned to the buyers through a virtual token such as Bitcoin, I also call Areus.



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