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The global cosmetic products market is estimated to be valued at US$ 69 billion in the year 2025, growing at a CAGR of 5.2% in the period 2019 to 2025. The average adult uses nine personal care products every day, according to the Environmental Working Group, an American organisation researching and advocating around toxic chemicals, amounting to 126 unique chemical ingredients.Women waste an average of 5,846 beauty products in their lifetimes, amounting to £180,000, and use just 10 per cent (649) of the beauty items they buy, according to the research by Vaseline. The research reveals that 77 per cent of women use less than 10 items regularly, despite buying up to 100 in a year.

Just imagine the impact that we are creating on the environment by our seemingly small, negligible actions. All this toxic waste from the improper disposal of cosmetics end up at the landfill’s soil, after polluting the land and killing beneficial microbes, seeps in to pollute underground water, then makes its way to any nearby water reserves, if entered in a river or canal, the seawater becomes its destination, making the beautiful marine life its prey. The story doesn't end here, if that polluted water evaporates, those clouds will pour toxic raindrops, destroying vast areas of farms and cities too.

Artientifique is a mission with UN SDGs as its framework, to save Earth from marine biodiversity degradation. It aims to engage school and college students to volunteer and prevent wrong disposal of cosmetics by collecting the waste stock donated from their circles. I go and take it for further segregation, processing and converting makeup products into environment friendly, high quality, exclusive paintings for art lovers worldwide. This initiative invites everyone to achieve sustainability together, whether as an art collector who buys these artworks and helps us save our planet, galleries and curators who showcase these paintings, promoters who share the story to spread awareness, volunteers who give time and efforts, individuals or small cosmetics dealers who support us, take action as an aware & responsible citizen and donate their old cosmetics instead of throwing it away, even me as an artist who generates value out of the so called Waste to make the dream of a clean and green Earth come true.



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