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We have a problem in Africa which is Rising insecurity and a high rate of Unemployment. Since 1997, researchers from the University of Sussex have monitored global trend and they show that over the past Decade armed conflict has gone Seven-fold…Seven-fold in the Last Decade? Why this? I believe as Oxygen is to fire, so is an unemployed youth to insecurity. Over the last Twenty (20) years, over twenty million Youth has entered Nigeria workforce alone, in which halve of Nigeria’s population is under the age of 23 years. I.e. about 100 Million people are   entering the Labour force in the Next Two Decades. The Big Question here is: If a wave of Twenty Million people entering the Nigeria  workforce triggered the Niger Delta Crisis Click Here, Boko Haram Crisis Click Here  and Stampede Click here  that lead to loss of thousands of Innocent  life in Nigeria, I ask you What will Four times this Number do?

            To solve this challenge, we have to make the youth and farmers know that they can earn enough money to make a life for themselves by creating an economic buffer to halt the spread of the insecurity and unemployment rate by unlocking the power of Agriculture as a Job creation engine to move the Nation forward. Using Agricultural Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence myself and My team has been able to Develop a Business Model  Here that will help us  reach out to over One Million smallholder farmers by 2030. But for us to make that happen we will need about $700,000 annually in Financing. This is a big number and that’s why our Model is designed differently from the Conventional Agricultural Program. We have seen the model Work with High Profit, Social and Economic impact and Attract little Donations from people. But our outreach is limited due to lack of funds. and I believe if you can imagine a world were African youth have another option to earn a living outside Crisis and joining Insurgence group, I Know you believe they will make the right choice.  





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