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ARTISANSHUB® is a one-stop business media platform for everything in the service and retail industry. The application will bring together a vast array of artisans, service professionals and MSME “small, micro and medium enterprises” business owners from your immediate locality and all over the world into the palm of your hand. It is embedded with dynamic filtering and other useful parameters to aid you in choosing the best business professional for your needs.

ARTISANSHUB® is designed to cater to the growing need of a seemingly neglected aspect of the society –artisans, service professionals and MSMEs to be placed on a global spotlight; ‘internet awareness’ by owning an individual members’ dynamic and interactive online Business Profile Page (BPP), embedded with a self-managed online shop, an online showroom, personal live chat button, offline customers’ request SMS notification and many more.

A business profile page account owner is at liberty to manage his/her profile page, engage with customers, change the colour theme or background, build his/her online showroom by uploading images or videos, create a personal online-shop and perform so many other tasks to suit the member. ARTISANSHUB® offers great opportunity and potential to members who desire to increase their patronage, showcase their skills and remain visible globally or within a geographical zone or locality.

ARTISANSHUB® gives a member an opportunity to connect directly with a potential customer and end-user and conclude on a deal without brokerage or any add-on cost from the admin and it is offered at an affordable annual subscription of not more than 3000 NGN for Nigeria and 20 USD for international members.



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