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90% of global e-commerce is done in 10 of the most developed countries of the world (Shopify, 2019). In the least developed countries; For Example, Afghanistan which has 54% poverty rate. There are no e-commerce systems that connects artisans to customers globally. Afghanistan has a fairy prominent handicraft sector, known around the world for its carpets, jewelry, ceramics, and other handmade items. The artisan sector, inclusively made up of women and youth as well as men, has traditionally been dominated by the rural, poverty-prone areas of the country. However, despite goods being produced, artisans can't sell to customers globally because they do not have a platform to do so. One of the reasons that handmade businesses in countries like Afghanistan are not expanding because their customer bases in local areas are stagnant. Mobile technologies make it possible for businesses to exist virtually, without the need for costly storefronts and cumbersome building costs.

ASEEL is an e-commerce platform that empowers the sale of handmade products made by artisans in countries like Afghanistan. Our custom-designed mobile platforms (IOS, Android) and Web, allows consumers from all over the world to purchase these products. If ASEEL does not partner with these artisans, they have no way to sell more globally. As part of the platform, we have piloted an initial supply chain from Afghanistan with a network of 11 artisans in Afghanistan. With our accessible mobile platform, established partnerships with DHL and FedEx, and a growing team of young professionals eager to sustain ASEEL, we are ready to meet our goals. It is now possible for a group of Afghan women to sell paintings to a customer in Texas--all through our platform.

For our pilot, we focused on measurable impact, building sustainable local businesses, and full transparency from end-to-end in our supply chain. ASEEL promotes the growth of artisans, especially women, in underdeveloped countries, thereby improving local economies at the grassroots level. Our current mission is to use ASEEL to create 10,000 jobs in Afghanistan and alleviate poverty through sustaining local artisan communities.



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