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We believe that our services are instrumental to;Enhancing creative abilities of youth and women to start enterprises that solve community problems and create jobs,Increasing self confidence among youth and women, and accelerate their personal developmentReducing the time it takes for youth and women to create or find decent work.The following are the main objectives of this training concept: -Employment, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Skills development: Facilitate hands on Income Generation Activities | IGA Lessons to increase youth and women employ-abilitythrough proper workplace skills, and mindset preparations and support them to run Community-based, and youth led social business investment clubs.Create Networks and Support Systems: Strengthen and institutionalize Community Investment Mentoring Clubs in your region of reach by setting up proper management systems, train club leaders, register their investment clubs as Businesses plus extension of other related Business Development Support Services at Grass root Level.ASTEC Social Innovations Hub combines professional experience, practical teaching and learning by touching to train individuals as well as groups in non-formal social enterprises and management related skills in order to improve in areas of business and strategy development. Therefore, ASTEC is a key leader in practical skills development and training for communities majorly focusing on Youth and Women living under extreme poverty.Training MethodologyUsing practical and learner centered approaches to provide the participants with an “all-round” learning experience and “from – training-to implementation” experience, the training methodology to be used shall be hands-on methods to provide a must and immediate business kick-off for learners after the training by allowing some participants to control over their learning and by creating spaces in which they might themselves practice self-awareness as individuals, who actively and easily design and deliver their own products as a business.



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