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In every two people, there exist a person with a unique gift and a solution to the world. 71 million displaced people, 26 million refuges under 18 years of age. 

A lot of youth confused thereby an ever increasing rate of suicide. In a bid to make a difference ATASC was created with a major goal of bringing hope to all making a difference with the main tool of media and innovations.

A future, a community, a solution. ATASC(All Talent and Skill Company) is one in which a future and hope for peace and justice is at heart divided  into four main branches

ATASC Skill and Talent Academy - A training and development platform for skills and talents varying from professional skills to social skills with a main aim to Think, Execute and Dominate in every sphere of influence. Giving an hope to all creating a platform for guided expressions, providing an healthy economical youth.

ATASC Education- An online integration of syllabus and curriculum from divers spheres of Majors and other online courses. Incorporation with Universities and other platform giving an access to everything regards education. Effectiveness of this platform includes making it an educational social media platform where school and learning becomes fun. Where also it can be accessed anywhere at any particular time with the effectiveness of mobile apps, software's and other low bandwidth options

ATASC Productions- Whatever controls the media controls the world. we are aimed at making an influence on the media by the means of our production platforms with a voice and a message of hope in regards to what youth faces on an everyday platform

ATASC Inc. - This includes all official activities of ATASC where trainees are kept out in the world market and other services are been rendered as an organization. This is aimed at creating revenues for the running of the company.



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