Auracom Decentralised Autonomous Network (DAN)

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Auracom DAN aims to compliment and promote development-oriented policies that support productive activities, decent job creation, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, and encourage the formalization and growth of micro-, small
and medium-sized enterprises, including through access to financial services.

Auracom DAN seeks to achieve this by empowering low(er) income individuals, micro/small enterprises and local community organisations (particularly in rural areas) through the provision of affordable broadband internet access.

By increasing high-speed and cost effective internet access in in/underserved communities it will empower said communities and their members to engage in the digital economy productively
through access to educational resources and entrepreneurial activities.

A huge segment (up to 90 million) of Nigeria's estimated 190 million population does not have access to 3G internet coverage. The overwhelming majority of this 'unconnected' population is based in rural areas and are in the lowest income brackets.

A major impediment to increased broadband penetration in rural areas is the costs of network expansion into what is generally difficult terrain
making construction of the necessary network infrastructure non-cost effective.

Auracom DAN
through its use of simple cost effective equipment and technology
can facilitate the last mile expansion of the country's internet backbone to the most remote areas.

Additionally, Auracom DAN intends to provide free internet access to selected educational, as well as health related information and other social development-oriented, content and platforms.

This will include partnerships with leading edtech providers in the country that provide curriculum-based and general educational tools/services.

The combined effect of the foregoing is that those in the most vulnerable socio-economic segments of the society (primarily based in remote/rural areas) will gain a means of empowerment through the digital economy.

By providing access to education and skills acquisition opportunities, as well as a platform through which to engage in digital entrepreneurship, Auracom DAN will transform the development of micro and small business enterprises
which are the key driver of the Nigerian economy.



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