Auto fly Agriculture Drone (UAV) Pesticide crop sprayer.

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The government of Kenya under the big 4 agender on food security shall be our major stakeholder while the farmers shall be the major beneficiaries of the innovation.

Seeing the challenge that my mother and grandparents go through fighting pests and crop diseases. My Aunt became sick with the contact of the pesticide prompting me to use my innovation skills through artificial intelligence to design Auto fly Agriculture Drone (UAV) Pesticide crop sprayer.


In its most recent World Urbanization Prospects report, UN predicts that, by 2050, 66% of the world’s population will live in urban areas. This growing urbanization will lead to a decrease in the workforce in rural areas. Innovative technologies using cognitive systems will help address this challenge by easing farmers’ work, removing the need for large numbers of people to work the land. Many operations will be done remotely, processes will be automated, risks will be identified and issues solved before occurring. Farmers will be able to make more informed and rapid decisions. In the future, the right mix of skills will probably increasingly be technology and agricultural skills rather than pure agricultural. 



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