Autonomous Multi-UAV Docking Station For Precision Agriculture

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Agriculture in India is plagued with various inefficiencies resulting in poor conditions of farmers. Low yield per acre has become a regular feature of Indian agriculture. Indian farms yields are consistently less than one-third of that of developed nations. The cutting edge solution to this is Precision Agriculture and fertilizers/pesticides using drones, being developed by various startups across the world.  Such systems monitor nutrients, moisture levels, and overall vigor, Identify and measure crop issues like disease, pest problems, weeds, and water-stress. And farmers can be provided with specific crop data from their farmland.

But these drones are very expensive to purchase, costing upwards of ₹500000. An unimaginable figure for Indian farmers where average farm household income is less than ₹7000 per month. Additionally these have extremely short battery-lives and require one or more skilled professionals to operate making it impractical to be implemented in Indian-Agriculture.

Therefore we intend to improve farm yield and income by ensuring maximum possible yield from every plant via Precision agriculture using drones & Autonomous Multi-UAV docking station. And make this technology affordable to low-income farmers with small lands with the help of shared Economy.

To improve farm yield using crop data gathered from drones at a price affordable to even the smallest land owning farmers we have designed a completely autonomous system. The system consists of a docking station which houses two drones namely, Scanner Bot & Sprayer Bot. The Scanner Bot takes multiple multi-spectral images of the field, uses Computer Vision to identify every plant and the prescription it needs to reach its fullest potential. The Sprayer Bot carries out precision application of fertilizers/pesticides of the crops based on the processed data. Both the drones work in synchronous cycles without need for human operators. One system will be deployed for every village with farmers holding at least 125 acres of land are willing to opt for the system. The system will be made available on a subscription basis for ₹199 per acre/month. The farmers will be provided with actionable crop data from their farmland and the drone will also spray fertilizers/pesticides as required.

Our product on the other hand our product will be available to farmers 24/7 & is fully autonomous. Once the mission is fed into the base station, the drone autonomously takes off and execute the mission continuously. The base, ensures autonomous synchronous operation of the UAVs & also serves as a docking & battery exchange station. It keeps track of lands belonging to different farmers using Geo-fencing & farmers receive actionable crop data from their farmland. This result in significant savings by eliminating the need for expensive human labor. The system can be shared by a large number of farmers having up to 600 acres of land. Enabling us to offer our services at just₹199 per acre/month.

With our solution farmers get all the benefits for a monthly subscription charge and don’t have to bear the cost of the hardware single-handedly.



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