Avocado oil

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The solution focuses tomobilize and sensitize farmers on business opportunities availing access to high-value markets for their avocados.To maximize production and enhance the quality of the produce, Elpizo offers agricultural finance through embedded credit to FCA’s for farm inputs like fertilizers and agrochemical spraying. This will facilitate the timely use of farm inputs. For example, it is a documented fact that agrochemical spraying during the flowering stage can reduce flower abortion by up to 70%.

  • Invest in building Farmers Cooperative Association’s centers (FCAs) that can be utilized to provide high quality extension services [e.g. spraying, provision of agricultural inputs on credit etc.] to the compliant groups; teach farmers yield-enhancing sustainable farming practices;
  • Provision of reliable markets for the produce coming from the farmers. Buy premium organic produce from farmers beyond fair rates and add value in terms of sorting, grading and packing to market the premium products to socially responsible consumers;
  • Processing of to high-quality edible avocado oil and further processing to cosmetics, hair and body oil
  • Developing finished products and
  • Hiring of competent staff for delivery of efficient and effective services both locally and internationally.
  • Introduction of the refrigerated truck transportation system, chain management coupled with the turnkey packing system. This system will enable washing, brushing, sorting, sizing, re-weighing, and packing to store in the refrigerated room that is kept at 60C. The refrigerated truck will haul the palliated cargo avoiding the traditional and non-hygienic way by introducing a safe and efficient way complying with globally accepted requirements.The pack house and processing plant will be equipped with turnkey packing machine that can sort, wash, polish and pack 3 tons of fresh fruits per hour.



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