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In Uganda, an average of 400,000 youth enter the labor market annually, but only a bout 113,000 are absorbed in the formal employment, leaving 287,000 unemployed {Ubos}. However, lack of business skills and startup capital prevent 65.4% of the un-employed youths from improving their economic situations (World Bank). Simultaneously, despite over $177 million invested in piped water schemes and borehole access;-more than 50% Donor funded water projects fail after 2-3 years primarily because of lack of community buy-in and local ownership on thebeneficiary level. Commercial bottled water companies sell water expensively reaching top 10% only, leaving a significant 8.4 million population to consume dirty and untreated water. Yet, without clean water, over 4000 children die from waterborne diseases and illnesses annually (Water Aid). Boiling water, while safer than drinking untreated water, is adversely affected by cross-contamination due to CO2 that is emitted for every 1 kg of charcoal that is burned to properly boil 1 liter of water {WHO}.


Awamo Water Solutions is a social enterprise that is reinventing the "Pay-As-You
Go model to equip un-employed youths to build solutions that close infrastructure gaps and propel local innovation in solving both the water and employment crisis in Uganda. Being a franchise model;
our solution is the financing of a Business –In – a –Box. Unemployed youths are identified as prospective franchisees through peer-to-peer nominations. Each youth receives business training and Awamo Water Solutions provides them with; on-site solar powered water ultra-filtration systems to enable them start and own a franchise business. Using Pay-As-You
Go. Youths make USD 799 down payment for the Solar powered Ultra-filtration water system and a subsequent monthly USD 319 for 48 months {4 years}. The Pay-As-You-Go is purposed to provide youths with a flexible opportunity to affordably pay for the solar powered water ultra-filtration system in installments, and in 48 months, own them outright. This empowers youths to provide water as their Anchor product to the bottom 90% undeserved population underreasonable financing terms. Franchise locations therefore sell purified drinking water in reusable PET bottles. Customers pay $2.6 initial deposit for the reusable water bottle, then pay only $1 for water when exchanging an empty bottle for a full bottle of water.



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