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According to the UN, by 2050, there will be about 1 billion youth in Africa. Interestingly, there are more than 300 million small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the developing countries that contribute to more than 40% of the national GDP. The major challenge is these small businesses are usually started and run informally without visibility to potential government and/or corporate partner support as well as business consulting services.

Our solution, Ayambe Chat provides instant answers to entrepreneurs and first-time founders on how to start-up and scale businesses in Africa at anytime from anywhere they are located. This enables anyone to be able to access information on how to legally register a business having gotten responses based on the business model canvas to ensure that one has thought and planned out their business holistically. This will enable anyone know more about their business strategy in less than 24 hours.

A 16 year old high school student simply goes through 3 steps to start learning about how he/she can start/register their business. The student clicks on this link for our web application (https://ayambechat.herokuapp.com). He/she then signs up. Immediately, our chat/voice interface loads depending on their preference and they start their interaction. This can take less than 45 seconds.(time is crucial in a business environment when one is looking for that answer to their immediate query)

We are leveraging the latest developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning to ensure that our responses are tailored with the right context, various languages like English, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Swahili (one of the most widely spoken languages in sub-saharan Africa) with the ability to scale in just a matter of days. We are developing both text and voice support options to appeal to wider audiences.

In case one has exhausted their various questions about how they can start and run their business, one can reach out to our sister tools like Ayambe Talent (https://ayambetalent.herokuapp.com) to immediately obtain the required talented people to work with. Ayambe Talent is powered by machine learning.

We plan to have a database of the critical elements like business registration and tax compliance process among others in various countries in Africa that we shall share through our Ayambe Chat solution.



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