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    While all social business ideas compete with each other, we do not necessarily do that, not because we do not own resources but because our market share is different and innovative. All types of commercial businesses on media platforms and creative organizers are separated and carry out their activities in a conventional way. BAFE offers a solution through media platform aiming to improve literacy rate, compassion, and awareness to enhance the quality of life. In addition we also hold talk shows as one of our biggest act with people who have already known us will come because of the ties built with BAFE. Our principle is to surround both small and large portions in order to analyze every contradiction thoroughly. Indeed, there are many other bigger event organizers and media platforms but not every one of them concern things that are close to people in reality, which they need and are actually connected in a form of multimedia and creative events.

The tactics of bottom up through products and service such as creative events and media platforms, step by step, we would like to speak about the words left unspoken, questions left unanswered, or problems left untouched, first in the form of interview and videos and then live talk shows; in hopes that all social problems can be answered by society through BAFE. Listening, discussing, and interacting; these combined is the essence and start of BAFE. All these discussions will come to life as we start our charity campaigns. We will sell products that is functional in real life but also raise awareness about issues listed on 17 points of SDGs. For an example is the most recent trend non plastic straws. We want to create more of this trend, and cover much more issues. The profit of the campaigns will be fully donated to related organizations or community as our partners. Awareness has an important role in the sustainability of society development towards prosperity. One of the variables influencing this awareness is literacy rate. Unfortunately Indonesia is rather weak in this field, placing the second least literate nation according to a study conducted by Central Connecticut State University in 2016. This also result in the recent “trend” of hoaxes, fake news and hate speeches in Indonesia. Demographic bonus would eventually become futile if Indonesia could not solve this problem.

    BAFE aims to restore the common sense of society especially Gen Y with fresh and relatable products. Through social media we will start by breaking fake news and unexplained assumptions, and continue to raise awareness and compassion towards each other by making movements based on 17 points of SDGs. The objective of SDGS to improve the quality of life can be achieved by eliminating the hurdles for development which is public awareness. In order to aim our market target and achieve maximum mass in every talk show, we use two main channels, namely Social Media We utilize Line@, Instagram, and YouTube as our marketing media to introduce our projects to audiences. Through social media we try to keep in touch with our audiences and keep up with relevant issues to make sure our topics are in line with the trend.

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