Barongo Evergreen Farm investments (BEFi)

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Our innovation is of empowering the traditionally long directly or indirectly neglected and excluded from various social opportunities, the rural Tanzanian people with disabilities to engage and participate in productive living against POVERTY and HUNGER development challenges. Through our social enterprise business start-up project of humanitarian purposely made practical disability friendly participation facilitating opportunities alongside sustainable food/financial earning returns model, project activity participants, that is people with disabilities together with the non-disabled are increasingly not only able to access and contribute to their household families’ affordable nutritious healthy food products alongside sustainable financial earning returns and learning improved practical farming and agriculture knowledge skills from a close rural based social enterprise source but are further facilitated affording of respective specific disability assistive devices for those in need, positively arousing disabled people’s self-recognition, self-esteem attitudes and better livelihood zest for productive living participations as the project stabilizes, grows and expands, more as we applaud global development initiatives that aims to leave none behind in POVERTY and HUNGER.

The above is a remedial purposely made development model, while the world is busy positively accommodating the used ‘survival of the fittest only’ development model, negatively addressing people’s disability development related matters as world or community unwanted burdens thus preferring doing nothing at disability survival initiatives as if disability doesn’t exist even though disability is within us all. Since mankind is experiencing conditions of disabilities off and on in more ways than one for reasons not of our own, separation of global resources into those with and without disabilities, imitating that there aren’t enough resources for everybody is neither fair nor helpful. All of us, disabled and non-disabled need purposely to put in place the visible large or small strategies to deal with the unfavorable that accompanies disability POVERTY and HUNGER challenge survival lives.



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