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The high demand for specialty coffee has made the industry push the farmers to overwork while paying them unfair wages. Coffee beans like other products switch many hands before they reach the final buyers, which results in an increase in the final price. Businesses dealing at the end of the supply chain tend to make most of the profit while the farmers are paid less than 1$ for every 1 KG that they produce.

We work directly with coffee farmers of Colombia, providing them with fair and direct access to the GCC market through our e-commerce platform and direct-trade model. We cut down a series of middleman in the supply chain which helps the coffee farmers to earn more and the consumers to pay less. We are maximizing yield through the supervision of agronomical help and manpower with our team in Colombia. Increasing production and reducing prices, whilst ensuring the farmers are very well compensated, will allow the local coffee industry to rely less on international suppliers that mindlessly seek profit at the expense of those who grow the product.

Our goal is to build an online platform that links the customers directly with the coffee farmers, where they can buy from the farmers for a fair price and get their products shipped out to them from the source without the intrusions of the middlemen. We are currently offering a subscription model for consumers to buy ethically sourced coffee that is roasted fresh and delivered to them regularly. This model enables coffee lovers to feel good with every sip, as they know which farmer families they support and how it helps them live sustainable lifestyles to help their families.

Most coffee farmers we work with are the last generation of family-owned farmers, their kids have moved to the cities to look for better jobs. Some of these farmers will have no other choice but to sell their farms. Our startup is redefining the oldest trade model to apply it internationally, one that works with farmers directly and sells to consumers directly. We will help the farmers earn higher profits and increase production by 15%. Seeing the progress and impact on the lives of the farmers will encourage their kids to come back to the farms. In other words, our trade model shifts the balance in typical trade practices and puts the farmers first, enabling them to be the rightful owners of their product.



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