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We have identified that many children, youths and adultd in rural areas in Cross River State are totally left out of the ICT world due to their illiteracy in computer, many of such youths leave schools from villages and come to towns to attend high schools or universities with little or no knowledge in computer application, but are asked to sit for computer based examination, many very brilliant ones even end up not been able to boot their systems. This is one of the challenge our solution seeks to solve, we have started but limited by funds. I and my team will extend to other communities to Train and help setup ICT based business for interested persons. Our interaction with some adults in most of these rural communities also shows that, many of them don't not know how to get close towns via even WhatsApp to patronize them, we intend to teach them also. And back in our main office base within the University of Calabar students, we have clients who need laptops but not have complete monies, we want to get them pay subsidized amounts for systems, the little profits from these sales will help us continue our free trainings in rural areas. This solution will keep most of this rural dwellers engaged and not give them idle time to think of wars and other social vices



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