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Theglobal textile and clothing industry is bound to be huge, as it fulfills the second basic requirement of man(clothing). It is worth $480 billion at present and is expected to reach $700 billion, shortly. This is because people are getting increasingly conscious of the way they dress. It has become a means to create an impression and represent their personality. Everybody wants to strike an impression with different and fashionable clothes.

But 80% of the produced clothes ends up polluting the environment. Surveys show that nearly five percent of all landfill space is consumed by textile waste. Besides, 20 percent of all fresh water pollution is made by textile treatment and dying.

Betahood Designs tends to take another way to help curb climate change. Providing decent fashions without compromising quality, using already manufactured clothes that have been abandoned by man and turning them to new fresh-looking products. This process is environment friendly and zero percent pollution. Clothes of different states are picked up from owners and transported to our industries where we use the traditional but more efficient machines to make new designs that are completely unique with high quality. Final products could include new fresh-looking clothes, pillows, cushions. Matts, carpets, bedsheets, curtains etc.

This will ensure all clothes manufactured is recycled.



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