'Bhungroo' - Combating the challenges of Water supply and Water logging

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The semi arid region farmers suffers of water-logging problem in monsoon season due to poor percolation capacity of soil which is affected with salinity as a result of desertification and inaccessibility of adequate ground water. Erratic rain and irrigation-scarcity contribute to food-insecurity,financial losses and indebtedness for smallholders.Globally, nearly 260 M farming families are adversely affected by monsoons and droughts. In India alone, 6.72 M hectares and 5M small/marginal farmers are impacted.

In the monsoon season, “Big Straw” (Bhungroo) injects excess water from the fields into the water-retaining layer of the ground 60 to 80 feet from the surface.In summer, it lifted the stored water up to irrigate parched soils. As a result, with the fields no longer waterlogged in monsoon nor parched in summer, the smallholderscan farm in an additional two growing seasons. Farming year-round, the smallholders tripled their productivity. In flood situation multiple Bhungroos with associatedserial injection model can work wonders, It has 17 designs which are suitable for different agro-climate zones. It works in environment where annual rainfall ranges from 400 to 2100 millimeters in salt affected and seasonally eroded soil.Using only one square meter surface area each Bhungroo augments 1 to 4 Mlts of water per year and allows farmers to retrieve stored water. Each unit guarantees productivity to more than 25 acres of land in each year.

Every year, the salinity of the soil surface decreases further, due to the cleansing action of the monsoon rainwater being washed into the underground storage, further improving soil fertility and productivity. Desertification is curbed! Flood becomes ineffective and drought doesn't stay longer! The effects of Climate Change are softened!



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