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There is a mental health problem in the world, mental and neurodegenerative diseases increase their prevalence year after year, and people decide not to go with a mental health professional due to fear, stereotypes and social barriers, people who come with professional many they end up abandoning the treatment choosing to use alternatives that worsen the problem.

With Virtual Reality, we perform automatic neuropsychological evaluations, to detect mental or neurodegenerative diseases, to provide a treatment with exercises to prevent, control and treat the progression of the disease. Using Machine Learning, Big Data, Blockchain and a Marketplace.

To achieve this, the user will use the Google Cardboard or Virtual Reality Glasses, a Smartphone and our app that can be downloaded from the Play Store, App Store or the Gear VR Store. The user will perform a series of activities to know a possible diagnosis, from which the app will generate a treatment to solve the problem using Machine Learning and Big Data, and in some cases will link the user through the database of a marketplace with a health professional. If the user accepts, he / she will be able to pay the professional services with money or with cryptocurrencies. If during the evaluation or treatment activities the user shows a therapeutic advance, he will be granted a cryptocurrency through blockchain that can be used in pharmacies or health services.

Our business model has three forms of income; First, the VR app is free or premium for a monthly $ 1 USD.

Second, mental health professionals will pay a subscription in the Marketplace to advertise in the app being FREE or PREMIUM ($ 30 USD). In the FREE the professional will be able to receive a limited number of patients with a low exposure, with PREMIUM they will be able to receive unlimited patients and will have a high exposure. Finally, the first consultation payment will be made through the marketplace, each first transaction we will take 25%.

Third, with the blockchain, a cryptocurrency will be created, which can be used in pharmacies or health services, said cryptocurrency will be granted a certain amount to users for each time they finish their exercises in the VR app



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