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It is a known fact that Open Defecation contributes to Climate Change through the emission of greenhouse gases released in the process of the decomposition of fecal matter. My country Nigeria recently overtook Indian to become the No. 1 country practising the anomaly called Open Defecation. Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria has a population of over 20 million. About 70% of the residents live in slum and informal settlements where basic sanitation facilities (including toilets) are inadequate or nonexistent. Thus Open Defecation is practiced. The Bio digester toilet, the most eco friendly, sustainable and climate change compliant toilet solution, is a great step towards making Nigeria Open Defecation Free and also reduce the green house gases causing climate change due to the decomposition of fecal matter in the open. The Bio Digester is a concrete enclosure where the solid waste is separated from the liquid waste. The solid waste is converted to either liquid manure (using Bio Enzymes) or compost manure (using macro organisms) to decompose the solid fecal matter. The liquid waste...both grey and black made to pass through another bio filtration media into the sub soil releasing nutrients into the soil instead of being sucked into trucks and deposited into open water bodies. It also reduces the health, psychological and social economic challenges that comes with open Defecation. The target of this project are the slums and informal settlements where the poor and informal people that constitute about 70% of the population of Lagos State live and toilet facilities are inadequate or non existence. The toilets are built in a participatory manner and are community owned on completion. The community manage the toilets to ensure sustainability.



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