Bio-pesticide with Bites

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Pesticidekills an average of 200,000 people per year and 99% are people from developing world. U.N report 2018. To overcome the problem we have developed bio-pesticide composed of safe active ingredients like Azadiracthin, Nimbidicine, Piperine, cyanide and Nitrogen. It controls pests like caterpillar, mealy bugs, fall armyworms, fungus, white flies, worms and aphid in crops and vegetables.The product enables farmers to increase production without affecting their health , consumers health and Environment.Ng’wala Inventions as manufacturer we recommend one litre of bio-pesticide mixed with 10 litres of water and should be sprayed in the morning or evening twice a week until crop /fruit harvest. Since 2018, we have manufactured 60,000 litres selling them to more than 5,000 farmers from different parts of Tanzania including Northernhighlands, Southern highlands, Lake zone and Central zone making a total revenue of of $ 300k. Impacts made up to date are;

To the community

  • Increase crop production and decrease hunger by 20%.
  • Create jobs both professional and non Professional (Industrial workers)
  • Increase good health & safety to food consumers, farmers and their off spring by 20%.
  • Cut the cost of pesticide illness treatment to farmers enabling them to save money hence increasing the ability to cover family expenses such as fees, hospitals cost, food, clothes, house rent.
  • Decrease poverty among farmers.
  • Increase Growth Domestic Product by 3% since agriculture sector employs 70% of Tanzanian Population.

On environment

  • Protect loss of bio-diversity and water sources by 20%.
  • Reduce green house gases such as carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide by 15%.



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