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value proposition

we sell a versatile green kiln that can produce the heat and biochar for greenhouses by using the biomasse waste, making also a good charcoal and regreen the artisanal production of charcoal in morocco.

we developpe green network of biochar producers in the african francophone countries, biochar is low cost amendment with 50% retention of nutrients and water, with good impact in zero hunger.

the problem

During the winter farmers safer from low temperature in the greenhouses the big farmers used the gas to up temperature for a good harvest (10 C), for small farmers they harvest the tomatoes and sweet peppers 4 times a month instead of harvest 9 times during the spring.

In addition during winter, 160000t of biomass waste (tomatoes and papers) is burned every year with 15 288 t of CO2 emission. This problem come from that big farmers don’t compost the waste due to twine plastic and bacteria in biomass. Secondly over than 500 small farmers with les 10 hectare of greenhouses don’t have landfill.

The production of the charcoal in morocco is artisanal charcoal producer use the traditional carbonization that generates a lot co2 and less production of charcoal (25%outcome).

the solution

We sell for famers green kiln of that use the waste of waste (tomato and sweet peppers) to heat the greenhouses and produce the biochar as soil amendment, the kiln work by passive heating it used a slow pyrolysis with less energy consumption.

For the charcoal producer we sell mobile kiln that use the pyrolysis system to char the wood with 35% to 40% of output, it help the coalman to reduce time of the production with good quality and clean charcoal from sand and stones, with less need of workers.

Market Opportunity

In 2012 the area of greenhouses in the Souss Massa region is 8080 hectares. And according to the Ministry of Agriculture the evolution of Vegetable production will move from 1 340 000 tones in 2013 to 1 640 000 tones in 2020 in this region.

For the charcoal production market, in the northern forest areas there are over 100 charcoals cooperatives who work in the production of charcoal under the control of the High Commission for Water and Forests and the fight against desertification, and this administration has adopted a wood-energy strategy to reduce the energy deficit by150,000 tons in 2024.

Key Value Proposition for Partners

We are startup the pyrolysis is our core business, we sell pyrolysis kiln for farmer that can produce good biochar with the use of the excess heat in the greenhouses heating during the winter. We our first early adopter that confirm to use the biochar test and we are working on the demotion and consumption of kiln for 1 hectare of greenhouses.

With the cooperation with High Commission for Water and Forests and the fight against desertification, we organized (01to 05/03/2018) a workshop about green charcoal production, we receive 7 Africans producers of biochar and 7 charcoal cooperatives in our manufacturing biochar workshop, that was opportunity to exchange the problem that we face as biochar producers and training the charcoal cooperative on how to produce charcoal.

Link of workshop video

So we developed a strategic partnership with the High Commission for Water and Forests because our value proposition is perfectly adapted with the forest management strategy, we have network with biochar producer from 7 African countries, and we have 7 charcoal cooperatives in the north as potential customers of our charcoal kiln retort.

we are looking for industrial partner as support to develop to develop a green charcoal sector in Morocco and francophone African countries

Ideal Partner Profile

We as an African biochar start up all the material that we use is imported from china and we didn't find the industrial partner that can manufacture our material of production. So we are looking for industrial partner from Europe (Spain) or the USA, who can supply the manufacture of good press grinder and pyrolysis furnaces.

The 7-7
7 Goals and Objectives for the Company

7 Day

  • Find a good forwarder for the import of a grinder and a green charcoal press from china.
  • Preparing our materiel for the training that will be organized for 19 rosemary cooperatives in Oujda for the valorization of the biomass of rosemary, our client is ONUDI Abderrahim BOUTALEBNational Coordinator AZIR.Oriental project.
  • followed by the procedure of unlocking our grant (10000$) offered by the CCG

7 Weeks

  • December organization of the workshop for 19 rosemary cooperatives in Oujda
  • launching the importation of charcoal press machine and grinder from china
  • launching the local manufacturing of our mobile kiln retort that can produce good biochar and green charcoal
  • meeting with representative of the Product & Engineering Support Program in the cluster solar morocco, program funded by the world bank, biochar maroc is accepted in this program to for technical expertise to develop our kiln retort for the cogeneration of the biochar and the heat ( ; )

7 months

  • Organization of the local for installation of the material of the biochar production
  • Sell the biochar for anther region of morocco, and look for compost company that for partnership of mix compost-biochar
  • Test the biochar kiln to heat the greenhouse for the Azura company
  • welcome the charcoal cooperative to our semi-industrial biochar and green charcoal unit, demonstration of pyrolysis process for a sale ovens to these cooperatives



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